The Center

The Centre for International Development (CID) is a policy consulting and advisory organisation whose members are academics, researchers, field experts and professionals.
CID was established in 2002 to provide training, international co-operation, technical assistance and policy analysis in developing and transition countries.
It was initially set up as a workshop for the University of Bologna, collaborating with the Faculty of Political Sciences and the Department of Economic Sciences. It then became an independent unit attached to the University to provide a facility for the Masters in International Development Cooperation.

CID main aim is to support, foster and facilitate the development process of those countries toward equity, well being and shared satisfactory living conditions for all-

CID was founded as a Not-for-profit Association by Pier Giorgio Ardeni, an international development expert, Anna Maria Gentili, a scholar in international political economy and African development, and Fabio Nuti Giovannetti, an economist.

Over time, CID has enjoyed the collaboration of several scholars and professionals like:

Over time, CID has established links and partnerships with several Institutions and Organisations, like:

From 2016 to 2019:

In 2018:

In previous years:
Bosnia and Herzegovina State Agency for Public Administration
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Directorate for International Cooperation